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Ending Pelvic


Find Lasting Relief for ANY Pelvic Health Condition

Dr. Corey Naturopathic Doctor &

Integrative Pelvic Health Solutionist


Lasting Solutions

Dr. Corey helps women find lasting solutions to their pelvic pain, fertility difficulties, pre-and post natal care and urinary incontinence issues. Work with Dr. Corey to create meaningful results and relief.


Relieve Pain

You don’t have to let pain control your life. Dr. Corey helps women take control back, so pain isn't the central focus in life and doesn’t sabotage your happiness, peace and relationships.


Integrative Care

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Acupuncturist, Dr. Corey offers an interactive approach that incorporates multiple modalities and supports lasting results.


 Optimal Health

You deserve a pain-free, vivacious life, so you can be present and enjoy your relationships. Dr. Corey helps you create the freedom to pursue life fearlessly and live pain-free.

Pelvic pain got you down?

Many women struggle with a spectrum of pelvic health problems throughout their life. 


The truth is, pelvic pain is very common and many women are suffering in silence. 

Pelvic symptoms can affect your physical body, your mental health and your relationships, holding women back from going after their dreams or simply enjoying time with their families.

You might be wondering: 

  • Will this ever end? 

  • Will I find relief?

  • Will I be able to have a normal life? 

  • Will I be able to wear my favourite jeans again?

The answer is YES.

(Even during a global pandemic!)

Take Control of Your Pain

With Integrative Healthcare from Dr. Corey 

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You are not your pain.

You can take control of all the decisions that impact your health.


You need an integrative approach that completes your circle of care and provides you with lasting solutions. This intersection is where women find the results they are looking for, feel supported and make informed decisions about their health.

You can take control of your healthcare and Dr. Corey helps you do just that, through transformational care and educational programs that teach you how to positively impact your own health.

You deserve answers, education, and solutions to your pelvic problems.

Dr. Jennifer Corey is the go-to Pelvic Health Solutionist who offers an integrative approach that includes Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy and Acupuncture to help women end pelvic suffering, relieve pain and get back to living life on their own terms.


Pelvic Health Solutionist

Naturopathic Doctor

Registered Massage Therapist

Registered Acupuncturist

Passionate Educator

Your Story Matters

Everyday, I hear stories from my clients of women suffering with pelvic pain. The symptoms and pain are preventing them from being fully present, turning them into different people and robbing them of their joy and happiness. Often my clients feel frustrated because they’ve been to different doctors or specialists, but they still struggle to find answers, let alone relief. More often than not, they have been dismissed and feel like they’re not being heard or taken seriously.

Your experiences, your story, your pain, it matters. You deserve to live a pain-free life. You deserve answers. You deserve information to make informed decisions about your body and a circle of care to help you show up in life as your best self. After watching women struggle throughout my career, I realized that women need an integrative approach to healthcare in order to create lasting results.

We have not been taught about our bodies.

Historically, women have suffered with pelvic pain in the shadows of society. Information about pelvic health hasn’t been readily available and this has caused unnecessary suffering. With education, direction and support, you can learn how to positively impact your pelvic health. Dr. Corey helps women raise their awareness about their bodies and their health. When women are healthy, they are unstoppable.

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Lasting Relief Is Possible

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Acupuncturist, I’ve dedicated my professional and personal learning to helping women find lasting relief from pelvic pain. We can no longer compartmentalize our health into one modality or another.  Women need answers. They need to know that they can take back their power and don’t have to be controlled by pain, that solutions are possible and they don’t have to accept things the way they are.

Integrative Approach

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I compassionately support my client’s total health through integrative healthcare. I am medically trained but naturally minded. I will diagnose your condition and treat it with natural medicines while discerning when it may be time to turn to conventional methods or not.


Work with Dr. Corey

Pelvic Health Essentials

Online Course

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need. Learn the foundations of pelvic health and understand what is normal and what isn’t.

A 6 Week Course.



Transformational Care

Uniquely tailored to you and your health goals, Dr. Corey provides Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Pelvic Floor Therapy and Acupuncture to help you optimize your health.

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How It Works

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Curious about how Dr. Corey can help? Book a Complimentary15 minute discovery call and explore how you could work together to support your health goals.


Work with Dr. Corey

Get the education and solutions you deserve and experience transformational pelvic healthcare with Dr. Corey. Take control of your pain with an integrative approach and complete your circle of care.

Lasting Relief and Vibrant Health

Through integrative care, discover lasting solutions, relieve pain and create the freedom and optimal health you deserve. Live your vivacious life with a vibrant pelvis!


Take the first step to finding

lasting pain relief!

Take the Free Quiz! Support YOUR pelvic health with Dr. Corey.


It’s time for

Vibrant Pelvic Health

You don’t have to suffer alone anymore. You are not your pain. Your story, experience and symptoms matter and it is possible to find solutions.


Take control of your pain with integrative healthcare from Dr. Corey, Naturopathic Doctor, Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Acupuncturist. You deserve a pain-free, integrative approach to your pelvic healthcare, that provides lasting solutions.


Book a Complimentary Discovery Call with Dr. Corey today!

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